duplicate inodes

duplicate inodes

Post by Jeff Johnsto » Sat, 26 Feb 2000 04:00:00

I have lost access to one of my partitions (HD's) when I run fsck on the
device I get duplicate inodes. any ideas how to fix this?

1. Duplicate inodes...

I apologize if this is in the wrong group...but I have a small
problem. Some filesystems got corrupted on one of our R6000
and I ran the diagnostics to correct it/them which it seems it
did, but there is still one filesystem (lv00) that will not mount
when the machine is rebooted.  I've tried using fsck to correct
it but it doesn't do any good...it says something about duplicate
inodes and fsck stops just after phase 1b.  If I try to run
fsck -y -i# /dev/lv00 it references the inode I used in the command
line and lists a file ( /log/tps.stderr ) that I guess is linked to
it.  The problem is I can't see /log and can't even find the file
tps.stderr anywhere on the system.  Is there some command or variation
of fsck that will eliminate duplicate inodes.

Also, when booting, the terminal reports that the lv00 filesystem
superblock is dirty and that I need to run a full fsck on it to fix
it. That's when I get the duplicate inode messages in phases 1 and 1b.

I would really appreciate some help and am trying to do everything
possible to gradually learn Unix and AIX.

Version is 4.1.2 (I think)
hdisk0 and hdisk1 are each 400MB internal hard drives
hdisk2 is external 16bit 4.5GB


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