IS cron && or is cron ||

IS cron && or is cron ||

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                Subject:        Re: Is cron && or is cron || ?

                Yes Oprhy your solution works; thanks
                Just for information, how would the below cron statement
                Would it do what I wanted or would it run every saturday AND
every 24-31 ?

I belive it is an  AND the foloowing only gives me input during the week.
00 8,11,13,16 * * 1-5 who | wc -l | mail -s "number logged to air" judyh

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1. Is cron && or is cron || ?

I forgot whether or not this can be done and could not find the answer in
the AIX man pages;
I have a job running every saturday:

10     3    *    *   6   /jobname

I need to change it so that it will run every last Saturday of the month; I
forgot whether or not this can be done;
Above format i believe is minute/hour/date/month/day am I correct?
Are the above parameters INCLUSIVE or EXCLUSIVE? i.e. are the cron fields
AND or OR values?
What I was thinking was running the job this way:

10  3   24,25,26,27,28,29,30,31 * 6 /jobname

In the case of a bitwise OR then I will have trouble because the damn thing
will run every 24th-31st as well as every Saturday and that means lots of
grief for us all and major problems
But if this is a bitwise AND it seems that only when a SAturday falls on
24-31 would this job run

Can anyone advise?
Thanks for helping with this

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