Shared Library Problem::: dlopen()

Shared Library Problem::: dlopen()

Post by Anupam Agarw » Sun, 25 May 2003 02:03:27

Hi There

My Application is having a shared library
made by following commmand

ld -G -lm -lld -lm -lc -ldl -lrpcsvc -bexpall -bnoentry -o *.o

And my main application was build by

xlc -o main main.o -Wl,-bexpall -brtl

I have some symbols , which are unresolved in the library and cannot
be find even at load time when i use dlopen..

As it used to be in HP and SUN that unresolved symbols are suppressed
at the runtime and i am porting the application from thhe same..

What I want is equivalent in AIX so that unresolved symbols can be
suppressed if not found but documentation says if -brtl is used while
building main application then at the dlopen it will try to resolve
all the symbols i want that it should ignore all unresolved symbols.

Can Anyone help??????????

Thanks and Regards
Anupam Agarwal


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What needs to be done in order for the variable to have
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Thanks for your help.

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