X11R4 twm

X11R4 twm

Post by Bill Jon » Sat, 07 Sep 1991 10:14:13

Does anybody run the X11R4 twm with the X11R3 server.  

When I try it, the twm  menus don't seem to have any text and are all one
solid color.

Bill Jones


X11R4 twm

Post by Ronald S. Wo » Sat, 07 Sep 1991 14:46:32

>Does anybody run the X11R4 twm with the X11R3 server.  


Quote:>When I try it, the twm  menus don't seem to have any text and are all one
>solid color.

Almost certainly a backing store problem which seemed to be present in the
3003 release, and has since been fixed by 3005 (3.1.5) update... A temporary
fix might be to set the "nobackingstore" (I forget the name of the variable)
in your .twmrc file.

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1. X11R4 twm menu color problem and a few others on RS6000.


I applied Dan Greening's R4 client/lib patches to our src tree and successfully
built/install all of them.  Testing so far indicates no major problems except
the following few:

(1) is it true that IBM's R3 server can not use rgb.txt from R4?

    for instance, BlanchedAlmond is not understood by IBM X server.

(2) when you run twm, how can you make menu entries show up right after the
    menu pop up?  I have to drag the ptr down to make them visible.  Besides,
    If I pop up a submenu, once it's gone, the parent menu is botched. ie,
    there is a block of plain color, unless I drag the ptr over that area

    This becomes particularly annoying if I use InterpolateMenuColor.

(3) how about fonts?  Does the R3 server understand all Standard R4 fonts?
    I haven't covert them yet.  Before I do, I like to hear others' experience

    I do know that even people at Saber Software complain about some font
    related problems at their site.  

I would appreciate it very much if anyone who has done this before could
share some of your experience.  A summary is promised if there is enough


Chin Fang
Mechanical Engineering Department
Stanford University


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