S70 -> S7A upgrade horror story (anyone else in the same boat)

S70 -> S7A upgrade horror story (anyone else in the same boat)

Post by Chad Newb » Thu, 18 Nov 1999 04:00:00


The company I work for upgraded from an S70 to S7A.  After the upgrade, we
suffer severe performance degradation during periods of high write activity
on our oracle database.
Has anyone suffered similar problems?  This is the config:
S7A, 12 cpu 12GB ram, 9GB oracle SGA, 900GB SSA disk (1.8TB mirrored).
4.3.1 (it is a supported rev per level Austin development for upgraded S70's
without the new IO drawers)




1. S70 -> S7A upgrade horror story (anyone else in the same boat)

Did you *really* try to keep your old S70 I/O drawers?

If so, you've deliberately hamstrung both the new processors and any
apps you're running on them.

Did IBM or your dealer not advise you of this and try to convince you to
spend the money on decent I/O to feed those faster CPUs?

How many SSA drives per loop and adapter?  Are your mirror halves on
differing adapters which themselves are located on different PCI
busses?  Very hard to do with the old slow/restricted S70 drawers

And an SGA that is 9 GB in size?  Are you 'vmtuning' the system to free
up as much memory as possible so that that (very) huge SGA doesn't get
swapped out?

Too many variables here to solve problems in a NG.

In spite of AIX 4.3.1 being 'supported' in your hardware config, you
really want to update to 4.3.2 plus the latest PTFs.  That alone might
recover some system speed and let you play further games with the vmtune
params and paging spaces.

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