qprt/enq error on AIX 3.2.5

qprt/enq error on AIX 3.2.5

Post by Charles Lavi » Tue, 08 Jul 2003 16:06:38

Hi --

I have a (half-) client who's runnning AIX 3.2.5 on an old RS/6000 model.
Their application pipes all printer output to several qprt calls depending
on the printer needed. The machine, OS and application are maintained by
another consulting company that opted to install all 3.2.5 Y2K patches on
the machine instead of just upgrading the OS back in '99.

Apparently since the Y2K upgrade, the users receive an error message every
time they print a report. The error message is "getuserattr lpd : No such
file or directory". This error doesn't prevent the report from printing, but
it does tend to*up the user's terminal layout.

I've been able to reproduce this error from a shell prompt by trying to send
a file to print using either qprt or enq.

I've tried to make sense of the array of lpd directories and files on the
machine, most of which are symlinks to other lpd directories or files.
Without access to 3.2.5 docs, though, I can't tell if something is missing
or if a symlink is pointing to the wrong thing.

Can anybody tell what "lpd" file or directory qprt is looking for that it
can't find? Any help in solving this would be greatly appreciated by the
staff at this client site -- and by me, who's working on an app for that
system and is getting mighty annoyed by those messages (I don't know HOW
these people have been living with that problem for so long!)



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The problem doesn't exist as 'root'. This sounds like a simple
permission problem, but I have tried every different combination of
permissions on programs/files/filesystems etc. I have compared it with
another 4.2.1 system and it is identical. I'm getting fed up and
embarrassed that I am posting this.

Any ideas?

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