AIX 3.2 - curses

AIX 3.2 - curses

Post by Ian G. Connel » Tue, 09 Jun 1992 21:36:08


I am having problems with curses under AIX 3.2, running on rs6k boxes.
The major problem at the moment seems to be with recognizing the function
keys on various terminals.  I have tried both curses and the extended
version and neither of them have been giving consistent results.

 1) the function keys always work on an HFT
 2) the function keys sometimes (some builds) work on a ibm3151
 3) the function keys return strange values on the 3151 using getch,
but when the keypad is off they return the expected control sequences.

I have tried :-

 1) recompiling/rebuilding the terminfo database
 2) using both curses and the extended variety
 3) cross linking - curses headers/extended library - extended
headers/curses library.
 4) writing a simple little program to turn on the keypad and then tell me
when the f10 key has been pressed.
 5) convincing users they only want to run my program on an HFT (from
within X-windows)

I have also observed other strange and unusual behaviour regarding screen
updates, sometimes the update will occur in the wrong place, with the
wrong data, resulting in an incorrect screen being drawn.

Is it possible that the libraries are linked with different headers than
I have?  or is it just another item I can add to the list of problems to
pester IBM about.

All feedback gratefully accepted.  Has IBM done it again?  Or is it me?


PS. I am starting to think I should write my own curses, at least I will
know who to blame if it does not work.

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Any suggestion for this problem would be greatly appreciated.


55 Vista Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R2M 4Z1             HOME: (204)-257-6701

55 Vista Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba  R2M 4Z1             HOME: (204)-257-6701

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