backup across network

backup across network

Post by Brent H. Besl » Thu, 29 Oct 1992 00:19:09

We have a number of different type of unix systems which I would like to
backup to the 8mm tape drive on our RS/6000 under AIX 3.1.5.  The file
systems from the remote machines are mounted on the RS/6000.  I am
currently using tar but would like something more flexible and capable.
Can I use backup or rdump to dump nfs mounted file systems?

1. Backup across network using cpio

I personally use afio to back up four HP-UX boxes to one DAT drive.  I
don't use cpio often enough to answer your question specifically, but
this is the way I do it with afio:

remsh DAThost dd if=/dev/DAT bs=1024k | afio -i -

The - represents standard input.  Using the standard output of a remsh dd is
a good way to go.  I do something very similar to back the machines up.

find / -print | afio -o - | remsh DAThost dd of=/dev/DAT bs=1024k

I hope this helps.

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