Is there a aix util like windows scandisk? (null)

Is there a aix util like windows scandisk? (null)

Post by Liul » Sat, 03 Aug 2002 09:41:50


Is there a aix util like windows scandisk? (null)

Post by Gary R. Hoo » Sat, 03 Aug 2002 22:31:39

That would be fsck

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Is there a aix util like windows scandisk? (null)

Post by Joe Moor » Wed, 07 Aug 2002 05:59:59

>That would be fsck

Followed by 'diag'.

(scandisk also tests the physical disk)

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1. am-util ( automounter ) help needed

The system is RedHat 5.2 ( 2.0.36 kernel with autofs enabled ), Intel.
It contains am-utils-6.0a16-4 rpm ( and portmap-4.0-12 ).
After reading the /usr/doc/am-utils-6.0/ I think I need a kick
in order to be able to use it.
I would like to achieve the following :
        /dev/fd0 auto-mounts as /mnt/floppyA
        /dev/cdrom auto-mounts as /mnt/cdrom
In both cases with 10 seconds time to "auto-dismount" ( so that the user
can put a floppy or cd into the appropriate drive, "play" with it, and
then remove it ).
In case of /dev/fd0, I would like to mount it as "auto" ( it may be ext2,
or msdos, ro ... floppy inserted ), and I would like to give "any" user
"rw" privileges.
The current /etc/amd.conf ( as delivered with am-utils-6.0a16-4 ) is :
/defaults fs:=${autodir}/${rhost}/root/${rfs};opts:=nosuid,nodev
*       rhost:=${key};type:=host;rfs:=/
which I think is not needed.
Could someone, please give me an example /etc/amd.conf which does what I
need ( up to now I've been using an autofs-3.1.1-4 rpm, but now I would
like to switch to amd, unfortunately I think I need a kick ... ).
Thanks in advance,

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