solved: 'Cannot register service: RPC Timed out' problem

solved: 'Cannot register service: RPC Timed out' problem

Post by Robert Merith » Sun, 27 Oct 1991 07:45:19

About a month ago, I posted about a problem I had with 'RPC: timed
out' messages on the console of an RS/6000 320.  NFS stopped working
when the problem appeared.  Telnet, ping, and nameservice were all
fine.  The following text would appear about once a minute on the
machine's console, constantly:

Cannot register service: RPC: timed out
rpc.statd: unable to register (SM_PROG, SM_VERS, udp).
Cannot register service: RPC: timed out
unable to register (NLM_PROG, NLM_VERB, tcp).

Today I talked to IBM Software Support.  All of their problem reports
like this were due to portmapper, statd, or lockd not running.  They
were all running on my machine.  Eventually, he had me 'ping' myself.
It didn't work.  This was because the loopback interface (lo0) was
down.  'netstat -i' showed an asterisk next to lo0, meaning that it
was down.  The following command brought it back up and fixed the

# ifconfig lo0 up

When I originally posted the note, a few people responded that they'd
seen the problem caused by a crashed (or inappropriately configured)
nameserver.  In my case, it was the loopback interface.

Just letting y'all know...

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