3.5" mounting hardware

3.5" mounting hardware

Post by Andrew R. Orndor » Wed, 15 Jul 1992 22:18:00

        We've obtained most all of the parts necessary to install a 3.5" hard
drive in the lower internal bays of an RS/6000-550. After searching the
literature and talking to our CE and SE we came up with a list of about 7 part
numbers that seemed to cover all of the necessary components (IBM
apparently doesn't sell these as a package)...

        Evidently we missed a part number - and an important one at that...

        Would anyone happen to know the part number for the bracket that
attaches to a 3.5" hard drive that allows it to slide into the mounting
bracket in the lower bay (part # 42F6529)? Without that piece, the rest of
the mounting hardware is pretty much useless to us.

        Thanks for the help.

        Andrew Orndorff
        NHTSA Data Center, U.S. DOT

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