Altos 2000

Altos 2000

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        I would like to know if anyone out there is running an Altos
    2000 (Discontinued recently) or any of it's relatives, and if so
    have you been able to get any of the public domain stuff out there
    to run ?  Most of the stuff seems to have been developed on Suns,
    and I'm not sure if the stuff will need modification.
        Unfortunately, we don't have a C-compiler, so I'm trying to
    justify the expenditure to my boss by citing the enormous amount
    of free software, some of which we can actually use.




1. Installing Modems on Altos 2000

I'm almost ashamed to post this question...  

I've been administering/programming this company's Altos computers for
almost 3 years and there is one thing that I can't get to work.  I
have a large bank of modems to support dialin users, and a few modems
that are dialout only, for uucp connections to our remote offices,
but I can't seem to get any of the modems to go "both ways".

        Modem server specs:
        Altos 2000 w/28 ports via Altos TCU-8s
        Altos SystemV Release 3.2d
        Modems are all Practical Peripheral PM9600SAs

I'm running uugetty on the dialin ports, but can't seem to make them accept
dialout commands via cu or tip.

If anyone has any "cookbook" type instructions on how to do this, PLEASE
mail them to me!!  By "cookbook" I mean something like:
               first use mkdev to create /dev/cul0
               then type ln /dev/cul0 /dev/cua0
I know it's something simple that I'm overlooking, and a step by step
is the only way I'll be able to get it.  Working on it for so long
must have me making some false assumptions.

Of course, if there are any INTERESTING solutions I'll post a summary.


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|Good judgement comes from experience.  Experience comes from bad judgement.|

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