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Problem to solve:
We have to access an HP-78580A Careport Unit, which is used to extract data
from an HP-78581 SCC which centralizes the data monitored by hospital
patient bedside monitors.

The HP-78580A has a DB-25 serial port configurable as RS-232C, 422 or 423.
The host machines we may access it from are Sun SparcStations and IBM PC

 |          |
 |HP-78580A |         ------------
 |          |---------|  HOST    |
 |          |         |          |
 |          |         | (IBM PC) |
 |          |         |          |
 -----------          -----------
 |          |
 | SCC      | Systems Communication Controller of SDN
 | 78581    |
 |          |
 |          |

The protocol supported by the HP-78580A is the ANSI x3.28-1976 protocol
as defined in "ANSI Procedures for the Use of the Communication Control
Characters of ASCII in Specified Data Communication Links".  This data link
control operates as a two-way alternate, nonswitched point-to-point,
asynchronous, serial communications link.

The host machine software accesses the HP-78580A in three layers:  the higest
level interacts with the user and performs some useful work on extracted data.
It sends requests and receives results from the middle layer.  The middle layer
formats requests appropriately for the HP-78580A and extracts data.  It also
controls some processes like periodic polling and the likes.  The lower level
layer implements the ANSI x3.28 protocol.

Our need:
We are looking for software that will minimize the amount of work needed on
our part in the host computer.  Here is a list, in order of preference of what
we would like:
    - Ideally, a program that would read data from the HP-78580A and store it
      in local ASCII files.
    - If no such program is available, an interface that will format and submit
      requests to the HP-78580A would be best.
    - If nothing of the kind is available, we would settle for a set of
      subprograms that implements the ANSI x3.28 protocol.

Where programming is needed, a C interface would be best for us.

Does anyone have an idea???

Please E-mail!!

John Phillips

Uunet ...!uunet!!logibec!jep


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