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I want the cpu times when running programs,(in c, c++, simula ).
By using the command 'time' one can get the time taken from the
start of the program, but this time taken is actually not the cpu time.(?).
I want to know if there is any command in unix in finding the cpu time?
Could some kind soul hepl me?.I will be very garteful as this is very urgent.



1. HELP: % CPU time for process drops after a while

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Hi, we're having a problem on a dual processor machine. The machine runs
kernel 2.2.17-SMP.

When we start a program it takes 99.9% CPU time (according to top), but after
a couple of hours it drops to less than 5%, although the program size hasn't
changed (and is small enough to fit into physical memory) and the nice value
is still 0. Also no other large processes are running, with the process above
still taking the most CPU time, albeit at 5%.

Any advice? Thanks.

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