Answer re: "Args too long"

Answer re: "Args too long"

Post by Arda Anne McV » Sun, 27 Mar 1994 01:57:41

Thanks to the many who replied to my question about how to work around
the "args too long" error. (I had a list of filenames for tar that was
too long.)

One answer is: use xargs. Xargs divides up the arguments into several
lines and runs the tar command for each line.  For reading a long tar tape,
this has the disadvantage that you have to wait several hours for it to
read the tape multiple times.

Another answer is: the limit on the length of a command line is set when
the kernel is compiled, so you have to get the kernel source and recompile
it to change the limit.

I redesigned my whole program instead, to use several small tar files on
one tape.

Thanks again,
Arda McVey
Island Software