Uptodate Programs Needed RN NEWS GETTY BINKLEY

Uptodate Programs Needed RN NEWS GETTY BINKLEY

Post by Alan Walk » Fri, 27 Sep 1991 17:25:23

Could anyone help please I am looking for the most uptodate
software packages to work under Unix Sys V.

A getty that will world with fido
Binkley for Unix
RN & News
If you could supply some telephone numbers, where i might logon and download
them would be usefull, or pay someone to send them to me.

Thanks for you help in advance..

Alan Walker of Atlantis [ England ]


1. uptodate news archive for c.o.l.[a,*] anywhere ?

My news feed seems to be rather unreliable, as i see lots of followups
without a previous original, therefore my question:
Is there anywhere an uptodate archive for news from the c.o.l.* hierarchy,
especially for comp.os.linux.announce ?
Those places mentioned in the faqs and howtos seem to have given up
somewhen in 1993.
Any hints welcome,

Computing Centre, Heinrich-Heine-University, Duesseldorf, Germany.

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