tcsh compiling problem

tcsh compiling problem

Post by Ling Y » Sat, 12 Dec 1992 10:52:59


I am trying to compile the tcsh under SCO unix.
After several hours effort, I made some progress.
But I always got the following error message when the *.o files were
finally being linked:

        underfined               first referenced
         symbol                      in file
        crypt                        tc.func.o
        ld fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to tcsh

I am asking  advice ( I really want to add a tcsh to my SCO because the
csh in SCO lacks some convenient functions)

Thanks in advance

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I'm compiling tcsh-6.04 on a sun with SunOS and I ran into the problem
with my ioctl.h not being ansi compliant.  The README file gave a couple
options to fix it - using a cc compiler or gcc -traditional. these options
give me and error when I run the compiled tcsh - ld error I think

... anyway I've decided to try the other option - using GNU fixincludes
the problem is I don't know where to find it - any help???

thanks in advance!!

Charles Fielder

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