BG Processes

BG Processes

Post by Omid Ram » Fri, 19 Nov 1993 06:57:07

Hey there... I had a question about background processes.  This is my problem.  Whenever I put a process into the background, the out put that it sends isn';t supressed, and I end up getting garbage when going to another process.  ie. in fsp, fsp sends a # sign for every k that it sends out.  When I'm trying to fsp in the background, and do something else in the foreground, I get flooded with # signs.

Is there a way to turn off the tty output of a processs?

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1. BG Process Fails

I am trying to run a shell script via cron but my problem is that it fails
in cron even though it works fine when I invoke it at the prompt.

At firt I thought it was path related, so I reset the path in the script.
Still fails. I now have it executing "set" so I can check other environment

In the meantime, are there any special things I should know about running
in background or in cron?



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