Windows printers

Windows printers

Post by Joe Tron » Tue, 07 May 1996 04:00:00

We are trying to attach a "Windows printer" to a machine running LINUX.
Since the machine relies on Windows to do its rendering, caching, etc.
it will not run under plain DOS or under LINUX.  Has anyone written a
driver (or any other fix) so that this printer can be used under LINUX?
---Joe Tront


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Would I be right in saying that a "no brain" windows printer,
eg. the Lexmark 7200, could be used under linux by
a) printing to postscript with whatever linux app
b) rebooting to win 95,  then printing using the ghostscript
device "mswinpr2"?

Is that silly? Would the full capabilities of the printer be used?
Would the print quality suffer?

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