8mm tape corrupted tar header file - HELP!

8mm tape corrupted tar header file - HELP!

Post by Darryn Ro » Thu, 23 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I would recommend that you research the use of the 'dd' command.  It is a bit complicated and would take too long to explain here, but you could try:

dd if=/dev/rmt0 of=[file name on disk]

If there is anything on the tape, that should grab it.  You can then try using 'tar' on the file that is written to disk and see if the contents are still intact.



1. 8mm tape corrupted tar header file - HELP!

Someone in our group accidently overwrote the header file on an 8mm
tar archive.  We believe what happened was instead of typing tar xvf
they typed tar cvf /dev/rmt0 filename  while trying to extract
filename off the tape.  Tar then tried to write filename to tape
however when it was not on disk it simple overwrote the header with no
file listing.  I believe the data ( about 1 GB) is still on the tape
however  tar just does not know how to access it. We are using AIX
ver. 3.2.5 . Please let me know if there is anything I can do to
access the data on the tape by email or post.  I also have a listing
of the tape from before it was corrupted.

Thanks in advance.

Kevin Ancell

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