help with mail

help with mail

Post by AnotheR By » Thu, 29 Oct 1998 04:00:00

    can someone please give advice or send a simple
    program on how i might accomplish this email

    i use a bash shell account and the elm mail
    reader.  i have written a few very simple
    programs to do some minor tasks, but now what
    i would like to do is this:

    now i write my mail off-line, upload the file, and
    mail it through the elm command like this (as you
    probably know):

    what i would like to do is upload all my mail
    files at once using an extension of .elm and then,
    (here's where i need your help) i would like to
    write some code which will take each file with
    the extension of .elm one by one and read an email
    address on the first line, then read a subject on
    the second line, and then send the whole file to
    the address which it read on the first line with
    the subject it read on the second line.  i'd like
    to delete each .elm file as it is sent.

    there is also another alternative - answer all my
    mail in one file and upload it.  in this one file
    i would need to have a way for the code to
    understand how to separate each letter, identify
    where to send it and under what subject header.  i
    have no idea how i would even begin here ...

    i am also open to other ideas ... my objective is
    to automate this off-line mailing process so i can
    spend minimal time online.  i can't run big
    software packages on my home terminal - some
    things you might want to consider is that i use a
    old dos machine and i'll be working in India
    where phone service is undependable and long
    distance from the village to a provider in the
    bigger cities is costly.  i need to get on and off
    quick with a minimal of hassle.

    can anyone send advice or some code i can get
    started with?  if you can send your reply directly
    to me i will appreciate it ... thanks.


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