Can I keep track of people who anonymously FTP?

Can I keep track of people who anonymously FTP?

Post by John F. Whitehe » Wed, 07 Nov 1990 04:57:22

When someone anonymously FTPs to our system, they type "anonymous" for
their username and their name & address for their password.

Is it possible to keep track of those who log in as anonymous?  To send
all the addresses entered in the password field to a file as the syslogd
does with the username?

If this can be done, please help me out.  If it cannot, then what is the
point of asking for the user's host name / address in the password field?

    Durham, North Carolina            


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Hey all...

I have a bunch of directories in /dosc/wav/ that I want make available in my
/pub directory when logged in anonymously.  Unfortunately, since the
directories are on a FAT drive and not under /home/ftp, I can't make a
symbolic link that will allow users to jump to the /dosc/wav directory.  
Ideally I want /pub/wav --> /dosc/wav.  How can I get this to work?  It seems
that for security reasons, anonymous users can only access directories under
/home/ftp.  Help!?

Thanks :)

Please respond by email too.
                                          JEFF :O

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