Sparc 630s using Viking Chips

Sparc 630s using Viking Chips

Post by James W Solomon X4384 {sun1 » Thu, 24 Mar 1994 01:43:19

We have Sparc 630s running Solaris 2.1 with a both single and dual
Viking chips.  We also have several real-time processes running in
background.  These machines usually run for about a day or two and
then they hang up to the point were even "stop A" will not work.
The LED lights on the machine still indicate activity.  However,
there is absolutely nothing we can do except power down the machine.
This machine has five disks. One disk is on a regular scsi card. The
other four are on a separate scsi card which is running fast scsi.
Has anyone had this experience and can they provide any assistance?

1. Viking vs Alpha vs HP (was: New viking sparc)

As someone in comp.unix.programmer so aptly pointed-out to us, Mr. Ohta's
reference to XMAGIC, DMAGIC, ZMAGIC, whatever [ none of which exists on
real UNIX systems ] indicate he's using a Xenix system.

Given his (Mr. Ohta's) statements from last year (which I've saved and would
be happy to repost to /dev/null where they belong) and the strong intimation
he's using a "toy" system, let's keep net bandwidth down and simply ignore

I posted four (4) very-clear reasons why shared libraries are "A Good Thing"
and nothing Mr. Ohta has written can (or has been able to) persuade anyone to
the contrary.

Believe me, I really do NOT like picking on anyone publicly, but Mr. Ohta's
postings are so offensive and demeaning I wonder what purpose or goal he
has in mind [let along the disgrace he's brought to the Tokyo Institute of
Technology by his postings].

I'm sorry for my acerbic comments, but this "thread" has become ridiculous.

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