Wanted: OCR for UNIX

Wanted: OCR for UNIX

Post by Nick Hollinghur » Tue, 25 Nov 1997 04:00:00

Quote:> I am looking for an OCR package to run on a UNIX server.
> It needs to have some kind of command-line or API interface so I can
> just give it a Tiff file and get out the ASCII text without any user
> interaction.

I've recently been looking for this kind of software and have found none.
It seems the major OCR companies (Xerox, Caere, Expervision, Bitsoft...)
offer only Windows 95 / NT products.

The non-interactive (API) versions are quite expensive for lab use
($2000 - $5000 USD). Nevertheless I'm now considering buying one of those,
running it on a PC, and connecting it to the UNIX box using CORBA(!)


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 I'm looking for a scanner/OCR combination for linux.

I don't want to spend a bundle.

I know that vividata ocr shop can be used with linux.

But the scanners they support seem only to be high end, and most of
them I can't even find prices for. (maybe they are out of date).

Does anyone have experiences with running ocr shop on linux? Are there
any open source ocr attempts? rj


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