How to print file meant for troff?

How to print file meant for troff?

Post by Eli the beard » Fri, 29 Sep 1995 04:00:00

>I've read the man pages, but I get wierd formatting with loss of data when
>I use the *roff commands and send the output to a new file. The original
>We don't have a typesetting machine on our system so I want to make a file
>that I can download to a floppy and print on a laserjet printer.
>The best output yet has come from me using:
>            tbl filename | nroff -ms >newfilename

The program deroff is standard with most Unix systems. It
turns a an *roff file into a regular text file. You will
lose a lot of the pretty formating, but you should have all
of the relevant text.

I use groff, from Gnu, for formatting all my *roff stuff for
postscript printing. I don't know if it would be very useful
for laserjet formating. (But then again, I am working on an
HP-UX system and I cannot get troff to achieve its documented
functionality of printing to a LaserJet II, nor have any of
the systems staff here been able to help me with this quest.)

one of those few twentysomethings who knows *roff but not TeX