Incomplete Zmodem Transfer

Incomplete Zmodem Transfer

Post by Tony P » Sat, 01 Oct 1994 07:23:33

I have been trying for several weeks to send files from the university computer
to my computer at home. I call the university from home through the
university's public dialup with an 8-bit, full duplex connection. From
there I connect the computer where my files are. The computer is a NeXT
running NeXTStep. As I understand it, MACH is the working unix under
NeXTStep. Our computer cluster has SZ (and RZ) version 05/89. I have tried
several different command line options and it still doesn't work. Someone
suggested that I use:  SZ -be [files]  
and I have. It starts the transfer and seems to be working perfectly. And
then it gets an error, and then another error. And then finally I see
the CRC-32 change to CRC-16, then my comm program (Telemate 4.12) tells
me that the file transfer is over. I get a dump of binary character on the
screen and my unix command prompt. I even used it with -v option but it
doesn't return and errors, or anything, as a matter of fact.

I'd appreciate any help available. :-)


Incomplete Zmodem Transfer

Post by Henry Churchya » Sat, 01 Oct 1994 08:06:54

You could try shelling to DOS and using DSZ from DOS instead of usingn
the Z-modem bult into your DOS comm prog.  Keep trying the options on
both sides until one combination works.

/E{exch}def/X{closepath rmoveto}def/C{currentpoint}def/R{rlineto}def/H{0 R}def
/V{0 E R}def 10 10 scale 11 45 moveto 5 V 2 H -5 V -2 H 5 5 X 5.5 H C 4 sub 4
90 0 arcn -6 V -2 H 6 V C E 2 sub E 2 0 90 arc -5.5 H 2 V 17 .5833 X -2 -.5833
R 2.3333 -8 R -4.3 H -2 V 6.8833 H -2.8 10.1833 R 6 -.5833 X 8 H -10 V -2 H 8 V
-6 H 2 V 0 -6 X 2 H -4 V -2 H 4 V -30 -9 X C fill moveto/Times-Roman findfont 2


1. CDE patch # 102450-02 problem (probably incomplete transfer)

Sounds like you didn't get the whole archive...Sun fixed it after you
tried downloading...I got this from SunSoft on Friday, Sept 8.

---begin quote---

You have been identified as someone who has attempted the download the
CDE Trial offer from the Web. If you attempted to download the CDE Trial
Offer prior to Sept. 8th you may have experienced problems with getting
your entire selection.

This is to inform you that we have changed the download to use FTP rather
that HTTP and also compressed the files to make the transfer faster
and more reliable.

If you did not receive all of the files and have not tried to download it
recently the new architecture may alleviate the problem. Although, the
restructuring of the Web pages cannot guarantee a successful transmission, we
feel that the FTP mechanism will definitely improve your chances.

Sorry for any inconvenience and Good Luck
Mark Eades
CDE Engineering

---End Quote ---

I was 0/7 before they fixed it.
I am now running it on my X86 machine with no problems.

To verify you got the whole archive without having to extract it all, just
do a zcat <file.tar.Z> | tar tvf -
and see whether it ends in an incomplete error or not...

Good Luck,


 System Administrator| Alberta Energy Company|  FAX: (403) 290-8234
 World Wide Web home page:

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