Disk(FS) Reorganizer for UNIX?

Disk(FS) Reorganizer for UNIX?

Post by Mathias Koerb » Sat, 29 Jun 1991 16:28:27

I have fsanalyze, which analyzes a filesystem for file-fragmentation and
access times. I'd like to know

a)      Would it make the system faster when I reorganize the filesystem?
        Or is this irrelevant for UNIX filesystems?
        What about the filesystem types (BSD,SYSV, fast-fs)

b)      If so, what is the best way to reorganize?

        - backup using cpio, mkfs, reload?

        Or is there any program that does what PCTOOLS Compress does for
        MS-Doesn't disks?

        What ordering would be most beneficial?

                - Directories first, data files later
                - Directories together with data files
                - executables first (giving a list of the expected executable files)
                - anything else?


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