Help finding UNIX for pdp-11

Help finding UNIX for pdp-11

Post by Dave Melv » Fri, 30 Aug 1991 12:08:50

        I have recently acquired a pdp-11/23 plus. I am a research
student at Aberdeen University (UK) and would like to use this
pdp for some simple prototyping work.

        Does anyone know if it is possible to get hold of a old
copy of either BSD 2.9 or in fact any version of UNIX. Together
with this what are the licensing problems.

        It currently runs RT-11 (Yuch !) of which I am no great
fan. Please can someone rescue me from this terrible fate !

        Thank you in advance,

                        Dave Melvin.

Dave Melvin


1. parallel printers on PDP-11/70, Ultrix-11

    DEC PDP-11/70 running Ultrix-11 Version 3.0.  
    Parallel printer attached.

    lpr just spools jobs, they are never printed.

    The daemon never kicks up, no lock files are set, etc.
    I'm familiar with 4.2BSD running on a Vax, but have never
    worked with Ultrix from an administrative perspective.

    The error left by lpd is a open file error.  Apparently
    it can't open /dev/lp.  All of the permissions are fine.
    I think the problem may be one of using the wrong major/minor
    device number on /dev/lp.  How am I supposed to know which
    major/minor number to use?  When the machine was sysgen'ed
    the following numbers were used in /usr/sys/conf/

        lp 177514 200

    These are "default" numbers.  I have no idea where they came
    from, or why I should think they are right.

    Also, maybe worth noting, lpd never shows up in the process
    table.  I'm sure this is because it fails to open lp, just
    thought I'd point out that I do know about lpd, but it's not
    happy.  And, printcap looks right...knows who it's supposed
    to be talking to.  (lprm and lpq work properly as well.)

Any help in figuring out what's wrong here would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,
Georgia Tech, School of Electrical Engineering, Atlanta, GA 30332
uucp:  ...!{akgua,allegra,hplabs,ihnp4,seismo,ulysses}!gatech!gt-eedsp!deb

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