Does anyone know the mscreen command as well as the scosh shell for SCO-Unix?

Does anyone know the mscreen command as well as the scosh shell for SCO-Unix?

Post by Dc » Fri, 01 Jan 1999 04:00:00

I am trying to utilize the multi-screen command in unix that will allow me
sessions under a single login.

Here's how i would like it to work:

Login: username
passwd: XXXX
system launches "mscreen -n 2" this now gives me two more screen pages
then lastly i would like it to start the "scosh" SCOSHELL menu for each of
the multi-screens.

Anybody with experience with these commands that could throw some help
my way would be greatly appreciated!

Darrin C.


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I was playing around with mscreen ( a multiscreen feature for serial terminals) on SCO UNIX. I get the help and who to work but stop, quit and all the switch keys don't work. After running mscreen -n 3 on either the profile or on command line, the following msg appear:

help        is   Alt-F7
who         is   Alt-F8
ttyp01      is  
ttyp02      is
ttyp03      is

I uses vt100 for emul. and in mscreencap I have the vt100 set up to run 3 multiscreens. I know it's probably is not a problem of input strings, since it did take alt-f7 and alt-f8 but not alt-f1->alt-f3 and altf9, altf10. For vt100, I uses this output string for switching:  \E[nz where n is a number from 1-3. And the weird thing is though help and who works, stop and quit don't even appear on the screen at all.


Justin :)

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