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Hi.  I'm trying to figure out XAPPLRESDIR.  I've read the X man pages
for both Digital and SGI X distributions, but still can't get it to

My current impression is that I should be able to do something like
$ XAPPLRESDIR=~/app-defaults/
and include my own versions of files in /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults.
When I do this, I my defaults appear to be ignored.  I've tried case
variants of the filenames.

  1) Do I need to xrdb in order to get the defaults in XAPPLRESDIR
     loaded?  If not, when are they loaded?
  2) Are filenames in XAPPLERESDIR case sensitive?
  3) What's the difference between XAPPLRESDIR and
  4) What's the search order for finding a particular default?
     .Xdefaults, /usr/lib/X11/app-defaults/.

Thanks in advance for all help.


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1. Why are apps ignoring my XAPPLRESDIR?

Not only are my applications ignoring the directory I give via XAPPLRESDIR,
but they're also ignoring the directories listed in my XFILESEARCHPATH and
XUSERFILESEARCHPATH.  The only directory that the resource manager seems
to find application resource files in is /usr/openwin/lib/app-defaults/.


Now, I could've sworn that the app defaults I have in $XAPPLRESDIR
used to be read just fine.  Can't think for the life of me what I could've
changed to cause this problem.  A couple months ago, I did upgrade to the
March release of SPARC Solaris 2.4.  A week or so ago, I installed SunPro's
Visual Workshop C++.  I think both may have patched the OpenWindows directory
structure, but I doubt that they caused this problem.

Anyone have a clue?  I don't play with these things often enough to remember
all the nuances :-)

Any info is much appreciated,
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