ftp -n on hpux 11

1. seg-fault in p_mutex_lock on HPUX 11

I'm trying to port some code from Solaris to HPUX.  I managed to get
it to compile, but now I'm getting a seg fault in a bizzare place,
Any idea on what I should check?

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x7f7b605c in _p_mutex_lock () from /usr/lib/libc.1
(gdb) where
#0  0x7f7b605c in _p_mutex_lock () from /usr/lib/libc.1
#1  0x75ae67f8 in HPMutexWrapper::lock () from /usr/lib/libstd.1
#2  0x75bbf1b0 in RWReference::removeReference () from
#3  0x75b84198 in RWCString::~RWCString () from
#4  0x75a6b460 in ICIFileParser::checkFileStatus (this=0x7f7f19fc) at
#5  0x75a6ae7c in ICIFileParser::GetValue (this=0x7f7f19fc,

    at iciflprs.cpp:603
#6  0x75a6c0e8 in get_private_profile_string (section=0x75a1d95b
"Integration", entry=0x34064 "DebugLevel",
    def=0x75a1d967 "", buffer=0x7f7f1574 "", buffer_len=1024,
    file_name=0x33fd0 "/home/infodba/ugiq.hpux/config/iqtagmap.ini")
at profile.cpp:46
#7  0x75a2eae0 in IQIntIniFiles::ReadIniIntegrationSetting
    file=0x33fd0 "/home/infodba/ugiq.hpux/config/iqtagmap.ini",

#8  0x75a2e910 in IQIntIniFiles::GetIniIntegrationSetting
(this=0x33ee8, name=0x760805b8 "DebugLevel",

at iqintinifiles.cpp:56
#9  0x76090b78 in ufsta (param=0x7aa5fed0 "", retcod=0x7f7f1320,
param_len=0) at ugiface_actions.cpp:342
#10 0x7b158114 in UGOPEN_load_library () from

-Greg G

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