Please help find a program to print on remote printer (not using /etc/printcap)

Please help find a program to print on remote printer (not using /etc/printcap)

Post by Nick Sushk » Mon, 21 Feb 1994 07:31:45

 Could you please help me to find a program that would just connect to the
remote machine's printer daemon and send a printer job to it (just print a
file). The reason I am asking is that only several people out of few
thousand are going to use that remote printer and the sys.adm is not
willing to add an entry to /etc/printcap.

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1. Reuse of printcap entry (in using remote printer): help

According to HOWTO, one can "reuse" printcap entries
to connect filters in serial.  That does not happen
in my machine.  Can someone help?  

It seems that once rm and rp are used in an entry,
"if" field is ignored.  

FYI, here is what's in the printing HOWTO:
   It is possible to "reuse" a printcap entry. If you specify your own
machine as the remote host and another printer in your printcap file as
the remote printer, you can effectively redirect print data from one
printer to another.  Remember if you use this technique that all the
data will be processed by all input filters in the chain and spooled for
each printer it goes through.

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