mcvert or mcvert.shar

mcvert or mcvert.shar

Post by robert body 9308 » Wed, 21 Sep 1994 04:06:03

where could i get a                mcvert                     or

utility to convert from BINhex format?

{ on unix i need to convert *.hqx to a mac format
  then i'll just copy the mac format to a mac }


1. Help Installing Mcvert


Thanks to the kind help of others in this newsgroup, I have been
able to locate the program I needed.  Thanks!

I do seem to be having some problems installing mcvert.  I readily
confess that I am a novice to unix.  I tried the man pages, but
it had no listings.  Evidently, my sysop saw no need for them
since he did not install mcvert in the first place.  

Anyway, my question concerns the Makefile.  The line that says
"BIN = " i presume to mean the bin dir that I want it to install
in.  Since it is a personal install, I did "/usr/ck30/bin".  I
believe this is correct?

The real problem seems to the the next line: "LIB ="  I was not
sure what it wanted, and assumed it wanted access to the local lib
dir.   So I put "/usr/local/lib" or some such.  But the error
message said it could not write to output file. Is the problem
that I don't have write permission in this dir?

Perhaps someone could explain what it needs?

I am using Ultrix with tsch.  I don't know the version number.  

Thanks for any hints!


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