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Does somebody know about .gif or .jpg viewer for UNIX ?
If does, please email me directly because I have know access Usenet.
Thanks in advance.




1. UNIX Devil picture: found (was: Looking for UNIX picture)

Finally I found the UNIX (BSD?) daemon picture. Here is the URL

Now, if I made a picture with the same character (the unix devil
doing something else), would I violate the copyright?

I am still looking for a picture that can indicate UNIX (and its
variants) for my handout.

I want to have a picture of another devil (or an angel?) which
could indicate a "daemon" for my UNIX handout. Or maybe another
picture that "clearly" says ... UNIX. Maybe a cartoon picture of
Linus T. killing the daemon ?(that would be cool).
Too bad I can't draw :-(

Maybe a picture of "login:", or "exit();", or "init" ?

-- budi

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