job offer in Switzerland: Unix System Manager

job offer in Switzerland: Unix System Manager

Post by Berthe Yazid Chouei » Thu, 29 Nov 1990 21:46:58

The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at the the Swiss
Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne is looking for a

                UNIX System Hacker


        The main task will be the software maintenance of the
laboratory's SUN workstations, including various application
packages such as TEX, Autocad and Allegro Common Lisp.
Furthermore, it would be desirable if you could also pass on
some of your knowledge to other members of the laboratory, and
survey the market for new software solutions which could be
useful for the laboratory. There will be enough time for
research projects, preferably in one of the directions the
laboratory is working in (see below).


  - A University degree in computer science or a related area

  - Experience with system administration on UNIX computers

  - An interest in Artificial Intelligence

  - The ability to communicate in French would be desirable

The Laboratory:

        The EPFL AI Laboratory was founded in 1987 and currently
employs 9 research assistants. Research projects fall into the
areas of intelligent CAD, time-dependent reasoning and qualitative
physics. We currently have 4 Symbolics Lisp Machines, 5 Sun
Sparcstations, 2 Macintoshes and 2 Pcs. We are planning to buy
a full-scale SUN server and more Sparcstations in early 1991.
The EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne = Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology) is located in Lausanne, on the shores of
lake Geneva, about 50 km from the city of Geneva and 30 km from
Montreux. The alps are visible across the lake, and skiing areas
are less than 1 hour away. In summer, there are many festivals in
the area. The official language is French, but English and German
are also widely spoken.

The Position:

        The position will be paid according to standard EPFL
pay scales, depending on seniority and age. Usually, the
resulting salary is around Sfrs. 50'000/year. The current exchange
rate is about Sfrs 1.25 per US$. Contracts are for 1 year
renewable, and the post is open immediately.