SUMMARY: Webster Dictionary

SUMMARY: Webster Dictionary

Post by Ran-Chi Hua » Fri, 15 Mar 1991 16:36:53

The responses I got regarding to my query for the location for the
webster dictionary has been overwhelming.

All the responses I got was that it cannot be done because of
copyright reasons. I guess that for now, I would have to connect to
one of the well-known webster servers.

Does anyone have a list of all such servers ?

Thanks again netters for your response. The net has again proven to
be supreme !



1. Is there a dictionary, webster for linux?

Hi there,

Is there a webster port for Linux?  or if there is any kind
of dictionary program or just text on the net?  I have to
look up in the dictionary very often to improve my spelling and voca.

Please e-mail me for any info.

Thanks a lot in advance!


Jack Duan  
SUN station address:

InterNet address:

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