Finding printer names on various unix platforms

Finding printer names on various unix platforms

Post by Somebod » Tue, 20 Jan 1998 04:00:00

I am working on an application that runs within a commercial product
that has its own macro language.  The application will run on various
unix platforms.  Depending on the unix platform, I am trying to find out
what printer names are connected to the unix box.

For example, I know you can get a list of printers on the Sun running
Solaris by gathering the directory names under /etc/lp/printers (each
directory is named after a printer).  Also, on the HP there are files
named after printers under the /etc/lp/member directory.

I am wondering how you find a list of printers on the following unix

  IBM RS6000 running AIX
  Silicon Graphics running IRIX
  Digital UNIX running UNIX V4.0

I also know you can use the unix command lpstat -p to get a list of
printers, but is this command and the -p option standard on all unix

Thanks in advance to any answers or suggestions.

Michael A. Carson


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Thanks for your help,


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