Scripted telnet

Scripted telnet

Post by Mike Suz » Wed, 13 Apr 1994 23:49:44

OK, I know that there is a product called "expect" that can handle
not interactive ftp and telnet (among other things).  Are there
any other products out there that do similar things, and if so, where
can I snatch them from?
In my current position, we need some way to automate our remote
installations when we do a software upgrade.  Seems like this is the perfect
way to do it.  The product (which could be commercial - we can
float any reasonalbe cost for this) has to be easy to configure (or
at least only needs to be configured correctly once), very
flexible (lots of "if-then-else" conditions we'll need to test),
and not too demanding on the hardware (or else we won't be
able to do all the installations in a single cron job one night
because the machine will be too slowed down).

So to summarize - we need something where I feed it a script, and
it does a remote session for me.  Has to be Unix-based (no PC comm
software, we have no DOS boxes in this building), should
be able to handle most any arbitrary action if configfured correctly.

Oh - as far as supported OS / hardware, we can handle just about
anything.  We support so many platforms, we've got all kinds of
fun machines to play with!

Thanks in advance.  Post replies or email.  I'll try to summarize


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