Database recommendation wanted

Database recommendation wanted

Post by Tom Trave » Sat, 06 May 1995 04:00:00

Our company is planning a Web site in the near future. It will use BSDI Unix
for its OS. A large part of our Web presence will involve accessing databases
via CGI scripts. I have done this successfully using Windows/MSAccess, but
will have to port my databases over to Unix and write new scripts. I am looking
for any recommendations for which database manager to use. Ideally, the MSAccess
data will port to the new database without too much fuss. Also, the program
should lend itself well to C routines which will be incorporated into the CGI
scripts. Any comments, suggestions are welcome. Please feel free to email me

Tom Travers

1. Database recommendations....?

Hi -

I'm having a meeting next week which may result in some consulting
work.  In brief, the company involved wants to rewrite/further develop
some database stuff which is currently running off a SCO machine and
is based on Fox Base.  They want to ditch both.

The thing is....  they want this both for in-house use, and for eventual
marketing (maybe).  So they are inclined to develop it in a Windoze 9-to-5

The question, then, is:

Is there a GUI/SQML-ish engine/development suite which I could propose to
them, which would port easily (relatively) between Linux and W95?  Right
now I'm getting into the Perl5-tkperl-msql scene myself, but I don't think
that will wash.

Thanks for any help -

David Black

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