Stupid question about GCC-1.37.23 installation (sun2 - SunOS 4.0)

Stupid question about GCC-1.37.23 installation (sun2 - SunOS 4.0)

Post by Nick Say » Fri, 26 Oct 1990 19:05:54

Hi. After making gcc's "stage1" and "stage2," I found that "hello world"
programs compiled with stage2 bombed. The compiler itself ran, but
the output dumped core ( also produced 6 assembler warnings
when compiled with stage1/gcc, but they were just warnings. I'm sure
gcc is not happy with sun's assembler).

But get this: The same "hello world" program, compiled with stage1/gcc,
and LINKED with /bin/cc work just fine. So do other applications
I've tried -- a crc program, an alternate du, other hello-worlds,

So the compiler itself doesn't seem to be buggy, just the way it calls
the system linker (which must be /bin/ld, no?).

I also note that gcc's output is not dynamically linked. This is
to be expected, I would think, but it may be a helpful fact. They
come out of the /bin/cc compiler as "68010 demand paged dynamically linked
executable not stripped" They come out of stage1/gcc as simply
"68010 executable not stripped."

My thinking is that I've simply overlooked something silly. If
some kind soul could fill in the missing space, and/or a newsgroup
outside of the gnu.* distribution (which I don't get) where I should
be asking this question, that'd be nice.

All I want is a c++ compiler. To get there, I seem to have to
get gcc, g++, GNUemacs (to pull out various "missing" .c files),
bison, and probably gnuchess as well. :-/ ...or buy it from AT&T (yeah,

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