Diskless clients won't boot off correct server

Diskless clients won't boot off correct server

Post by matt » Wed, 06 Oct 1993 03:34:52

We have a Sun3 system which acts as a server for two diskless clients. We have
another machine which is a Sun4/280 which is the main file server for
everything. We recently upgraded the Sun4 to Solaris 1.1 and since then the
diskless clients can't find their boot server. What could be interfering with
the diskless clients that stops them from booting. It looks like they are
trying to boot off of the new Solaris 1.1 software. Is there any good
documentation on setting up diskless clients anywhere?

1. My diskless client won't boot

HI all,

It boots to a point and then stops after saying:

RPC: Timed out
No bootparam (whoami) server responding; still trying

I checked on my server and the bootparam process is running and the correct
information is in /etc/bootparams



Stephen. W. Barnett

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