.F suffix

.F suffix

Post by Ben Dav » Wed, 21 Sep 1994 02:19:53

xxxxx.F is a new one to me. Anyone help me out ?




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1. MAKE: How to replace suffix rule with non-suffix action

I'm running under IBM AIX 3.2.5, using the "standard" /bin/make.  I have
a suffix rule which is fine for almost all of my work, except for one
file which I need to create by a different method.  Here is a simplified
version of my suffix rule:

        .SUFFIXES : .eps .kumac

        .kumac.eps :

My problem arises that in one of my directories, I need to have a file
foo.eps create which is a symbolic link to ../foo.eps.  I created an
explicit rule

        foo.eps : ../foo.eps
                cd $(?D) && $(MAKE) $(MAKEFLAGS) $(?F)

which fails, because "$?" expands to "foo.kumac ../foo.eps" and cd fails
with in valid syntax (obviously).

I thought I could override the suffix rule with

        foo.eps : foo.kumac

but of course this, in conjunction with my rule above, fails in make
because you can't have two different actions for a target, when single
colons are used.

So, I tried

        foo.eps :: ../foo.eps
                { as above }

        foo.eps :: foo.kumac

but this also fails!  Even with the explicit dependency listed second,
make *STILL* tries to follow the dependency rule, crashing because of
course "foo.kumac" doesn't exist in my current directory, nor should it.

How can I _replace_ a suffix-rule dependency with a different dependency,
and have the suffix-rule never executed, for a specific file?  I still
need to have the rule around for all of the other files in my directory,
except "foo.eps".
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