Computone Support for ALC Ctr. / looking for phone or fax no.

Computone Support for ALC Ctr. / looking for phone or fax no.

Post by Peter Eckhar » Wed, 29 Apr 1992 01:23:45


i experienced some problems using the computone ethernet feature
module (and alc controller) on our companies 386 computer.

The german support (distributor) is not able to figure out the
problem. I sent a fax to computone (usa) but did not yet
receive an answer ( i heard of the excellent support ... ).

Perhaps i used the wrong fax no. Could any kind soul send me the
correct address for Computone ALC Controller support ?

BTW. i think the problem is a firmware / driver mismatch.

     ALC firmware 2.0, AFM 1.6, EFM 1.0 - software 1.4.2 (on SCO ODT 1.1)

Thanks in advance


Peter Eckhardt
RGW Kurier GmbH                Phone : 049-6107-62021
Waldstrasse 46                 Fax   : 049-6107-8019


W.-Liebknecht Str. 53
6112 Gross-Zimmern                      Phone: *49 6071 71921


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