Simple DOS MERGE installation question

Simple DOS MERGE installation question

Post by Victoria A Dellaqui » Tue, 01 Jun 1993 23:11:30

To all:  I'm trying to install DOS MERGE on a system running an old version
of Microport UNIX.  When I answer all of the questions and reboot the system,
the kernel comes up okay but the console and all virtual login prompts are
invisible; i.e. the console background is set to black and presumably so
are the letters "login:".  I can log in okay and shut down the system, so
I know the kernel is running.  What am I doing wrong?  Here's the system
it's running on:

1.  Mylex motherboard (circa 1988) with 8MB of RAM and 80387
2.  Orchid ProDesigner Plus or Boca Research VGA boards (same thing with both)
3.  Adaptec RLL disk controller with 65MB Toshiba RLL disk
4.  One standard 8-bit serial/parallel card.
5.  NEC 2A color monitor.

I've tried changing the CMOS setting to all different choices (e.g. "Monochrome
VGA", "EGA", etc) with no luck - incidentally, this is an AMI BIOS (1988).

There is a DIP switch on the motherboard that is supposed to select either coloror monochrome video at boot time - changing it makes no difference.  I'd really
appreciate any help!  TIA.


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Antonio Querubin  

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