Followup YACC & LEX Question

Followup YACC & LEX Question

Post by Jeff Wab » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 18:05:00

Thanks to all who responded to my recent LEX question..  I managed to take
two of the 4 responses I got and merge them for a solution..  Another question
comes up, now:

I'm still having fun with preprocessors.  What I now need to do is to
implement a (YACC) grammar to preprocess hunks of code, disregarding
code that is the actual program body wherever necesary..

For example, Here is a possibility:

        ? (VAR debug_mode:boolean := TRUE,
               unhappy_mode:boolean := TRUE; );?
        <lots of program body here #1>
        ?IF (debug_mode)
            PROCEDURE [XREF] Moo (x:integer);
        <lots of program body here #2>
            PROCEND Moo;
            PROCEDURE [XREF] Moo2 (x:real);

For clarification of my ambiguous comment above, what I need to do is to
take a YACC grammar that will accept preprocessor directives but that has
no clue about the programming language itself.  Thus, I will need to
disregard code that is in "<lots of program body here #1>".  I can deal
with program bodies #2 and #3 and their appropriate manipulation, but
can't comprehend how to disregard all that middle code.  Anyone have an
idea?  Thanks in advance!



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