tbl / nroff help

tbl / nroff help

Post by Holger Vei » Wed, 02 Mar 1994 02:28:36

tbl/ nroff  question

Is it possible to have text in tbl which is both bold and italics?

I tried in nroff text:       \fBBold \fIItalics
and in tbl columns:          lp8bi np8bi .

But, the last font setting always seems to "win".

Please reply via email so I get answers as quickly as possible.




tbl / nroff help

Post by Ray Jon » Wed, 02 Mar 1994 08:56:21

:>tbl/ nroff  question

:>Is it possible to have text in tbl which is both bold and italics?

:>I tried in nroff text:       \fBBold \fIItalics
:>and in tbl columns:          lp8bi np8bi .

:>But, the last font setting always seems to "win".

It is not a matter of winning or loosing, it is a matter of turning on and
turning off.  Once you turn on a font, it stays until you turn it off,
or change it to somethine else.
When you did the \fBBold \fIItalics, you turned on the bold font prior to
the B and then changed to Italics prior to the I.  You must return to the
Regular font after the s in Italics.  Example:
\fBBold \fIItalics\fR for the rest of the sentence.

In nroff you actually have 4 fonts R (Regular), I (Italics), B (Bold) and
the special fonts for things like bulits, lessthan or equal, etc.

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