Linking Novell to TCP/IP, can it be done?

Linking Novell to TCP/IP, can it be done?

Post by Larry Williams » Thu, 01 Feb 1990 01:52:54

We would like to be able to link a Unix machine to a Novell network.

The Novell network is ethernet based. We would like to offer the
Novell users access to a database package on the Unix machine.

Simple rlogin or telnet type access from the dos machines is all that
would be required, but if NFS style file sharing could be done it may
be a useful feature.

I expect we would use ISC's 386/ix 2.*, but any AT&T 3.2 compatible
version would be acceptable.

I will post a summary of any email I receive.




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Thank you for reading this! This post is long, because
i need the comp.unix.programmer-folks help, so i am
trying to describe everything in details for you.

I am making a non-commercial multi-player russian card
game. The clients are written in Java and the server
in C and runs on a Linux box, listenning to port 7000.

The communication format between server and clients is:

1st byte:    length of unicode string (in Java-chars,
             which are 16 bit each)
2nd byte:    player number (0, 1 or 2)
3rd byte:    some game code, ex. 8 means that the unicode
             string contains player address
rest:        up to 510 bytes long string (up to 255 chars)

When a new client comes, server NORMALLY sends him his
number (0, 1 or 2) and address (8 means "JOIN"-code), ex:

25    0    8

So here is 25 the length of "",
8 means "here goes your address" and 0 is player number.

80% of time it works. Could you please take a look at my
code? I have tried to comment it for you very good and
will answer all your questions on it. The code is at:


Sometimes the server sends to the new player:

0    97    0

And it can happen to 0th, 1st or 2rd newcomer.
For example you can see in the log-file:

Sat Jan 24 03:41:52 1998
        new player from,
        assigning number 0 in game 0
Sat Jan 24 03:57:25 1998
        new player from,
        assigning number 1 in game 0
Sat Jan 24 03:57:26 1998
        disconnecting all players from game 0

Java-client disconnects in next second because player
number (stored in j variable) should be 1 and not 97.


1) Please look through the server code. Maybe you see
   some obvious mistakes?

2) Could be smth wrong with using hptr -> h_name and
   inet_ntoa (sin.sin_addr) for getting new address?

3) I am setting alarm before reading and writing, to
   prevent somebody for example sending one byte 254
   and make my server stop and wait for the never  
   following 2 + 254 * 2 bytes. So if SIGALRM comes
   i close the sockets in game i. Is it okay?

Thank you for ANY ideas!


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java preferans ------------
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