Linux Journal magazine

Linux Journal magazine

Post by Phil Hugh » Tue, 26 Jul 1994 13:39:35

I was talking to a friend about Linux Journal subscriptions and he
mentioned that there was stuff in there for non-Linux people as well.
So, I took a look and decided we should make a one-time post to a few
other newsgroups just so you know we are out there.  I'll keep it short.

phone call.

Linux Journal is a monthly magazine covering the Linux community.  At
least 48 pages (our October Buyer's Guide issue will be 64) we make
technical information as well as events and tutorials available in paper
form.  Subscriptions are $19/year in the US, $24 year in Canada, and
$29/year elsewhere.  Many newsstands and bookstores now carry LJ.
Back issues are available for $4 each (except #1 which is sold out).

The following general interest (not Linux specific) articles have either
appeared in the July or August issue or will appear in the September
issue which is currently on the way to the printer:
   * World Wide Web by Bernie Thompson
   * Sendmail+IDA by Vince Skahan
   * ICMake by Frank Brokken and K. Kubat
   * BASH: The GNU Shell by Chet Ramey
   * EZ as a Word Processor by Terry Gliedt
   * Disaster Recovery by Mark F. Komarinski
   * Wine by Bob Amstadt
   * Eagles BBS by Ray Rocker
   * Unix and Computer Science by Ronda Hauben
   * EZ as a Programmer's Editor by Terry Gliedt
   * Emacs by Matt Welsh

Phil Hughes, SSC, Inc. P.O. Box 55549, Seattle, WA 98155  (206)FOR-UNIX

Quote:>>> Publishers of pocket references for UNIX, C, ..., Linux Journal <<<


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Does anyone have an email address for Linux Journal magazine?  Or maybe
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I sent in my subscription many moons ago and have yet to see a magazine
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