UUCP paths confused?

UUCP paths confused?

Post by Lawrence A. Dziegielews » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 15:43:00

        I've been running up against a rather peculiar problem with two Unix
machine I have responsibility for.  It has to do with something that seems
to be reversing the path to the one system I feed news and mail to.

        eplrx7,  my main machine,  gets its news and mail directly from
uunet.  This has worked without too much trouble.  About a month ago I added
my personal UNIX box,  mouse, an ATT 3b1 to UUCP by allowing it to call eplrx7
for it's news/mail.  So the path should look like this:


        eplrx7 and mouse can exchange mail without a hitch.  From mouse,  I
can 'mail eplrx7!lad'  with no problem and from eplrx7 I seem to be able to
'mail mouse!lad' with no problem.  The trouble starts when mouse gets mail
from uunet or beyond.  A mail message with the path:


gets translated to:


        This has me baffled to no end. I have looked at all of the files
that should make a difference,  /usr/lib/news/mailpaths,  the map entries for
both machines (included below),  and I still can't figure this one out.
It's consistant,  anytime mouse gets sent mail from beyond eplrx7 it does
this.  Is pathalias on uunet doing this or can it be something in my

        One last note,  mouse polls eplrx7,  eplrx7 never polls mouse.
The L.sys entry for mouse on eplrx7 is:

mouse   Never

        Thanks in advance for any light shed on this problem.


UUCP Map entry for mouse

#N      mouse
#S      ATT 3B1, System V 3.51
#O      The MouseTrap 7300
#C      Lawrence A. Dziegielewski
#E      mouse!lad
#T      +1 302 731 1583
#P      60 N. College Ave. - Suite B,  Newark,  DE 19711
#L      39 48 N / 75 30 W

#U      eplrx7

mouse   eplrx7(DEMAND)


UUCP Map entry for eplrx7

#N      eplrx7
#S      DEC Vaxstation II,  MORE/bsd 4.3
#O      E.I. DuPont Co.
#C      Lawrence A. Dziegielewski
#E      eplrx7!lad
#T      +1 302 695 1311
#P      Expiremental Station, E357/318, Wilmington,  DE 19898
#L      39 49 N / 75 30 W

#U      uunet mouse

eplrx7  uunet(DEMAND), mouse (DEMAND)

        Lawrence A. Dziegielewski       |       E.I. Dupont Co.
        uunet!eplrx7!lad                |       Engineering Physics Lab
        Cash-We-Serve 76127,104         |       Wilmington, Delaware 19898
        MABELL:  (302) 695-1311         |       Mail Stop: E357-318


UUCP paths confused?

Post by Bill Fenn » Mon, 02 Apr 1990 14:52:00

Quote:>    I've been running up against a rather peculiar problem with two Unix
>machine I have responsibility for.

Me too! but in my case, it's only one machine.

Quote:>                                    It has to do with something that seems
>to be reversing the path to the one system I feed news and mail to.

[description of problem; (last 2 hosts in path switched around) deleted.]

I have exactly the same problem!  I thought it was sendmail doing it.  Do you
have sendmail running on mouse, or on (I forget the other computer's name)?
We have sendmail here, and nobody knows how to program in .cf, so we take what
we get and try to fix it up.  I posted my question to comp.mail.sendmail,
I'll let you know if I got a response.  Please let me know if you fix this;
it's not the preferred situation.


 /--<  o // //     ,-/-, _  __  __  _  __     ihnp4!psuvax1!psuhcx!wcf
/___/_<_</_</_    (_/   </_/ <_/ <_</_/ (_


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