Post by Ken Germa » Wed, 02 Sep 1992 23:00:59

I am getting a CONFIG: FALLOC ERROR ... (NFILE=200). I am not sure
what program is reporting the error. We are running a list server.
I am not sure whether the OS, List Server or MMDF is reporting this
error. Any assistance with this would be appreciated.

Ken Germann             ZEOS International, Ltd.  


1. APACHE Error: "Signaling Error: error already pending"

Hi all,

I am running an
Solaris 2.7
Apache 1.3.12
Apache Jserv 1.05b

The error message I am getting is :
"Signaling Error" error already pending" I have search high and low and can
not find anything of use to help with this problem. This error is occuring
in the error_log file over and over, it is the only error in the file for
about 8 days...The server is idling at around 98% I would like to know if
anyone has seen this error and what would cause such a thing and how to
repair the problem....

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)


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